Self Drive Namibia Kaokoland = 15 days
Minimum of 4 vehicles or 8 people

Day 1 – Windhoek – Kamanjab Toko Lodge

08:00 We leave Windhoek and drive the most pleasant tar road to Kamanjab Lodge. We will stay for the night at the lodge and have dinner at the restaurant. We discuss the next day’s route and go to bed knowing that tomorrow is an early rise and the real tour starts tomorrow

DAY 2 – Kamanjab Toko Lodge – Wildcamp 1 (227 Km)

After a hearty breakfast we leave the nice tar road behind us and the off-road experience starts. We should see Gemsbok, Springbok, Zebra and Ostrich on this road. We will have lunch under a big Camel-thorn tree and camp will be reached at about 16:00 where we will start a fire and have a nice braai for dinner.

DAY 3 – Wildcamp 1 – Wildcamp 2 (171 Km)

07:00 Coffee, rusks & cereals. We leave camp at 08:00. Although our distance is less than yesterday, it is much slower and challenging. We drive the Haunib river trail, thus driving in the dry riverbed. Enjoy beautiful scenery and keep an eye out for the Desert Elephants. Tonight is Wild Camping under the Desert stars andmaybe you can hear the roar of Desert Lions.

DAY 4 – Wildcamp 2 – Wildcamp 3 (172 Km)

07:00 Coffee, rusks and cereals. Our drive becomes more difficult with the thick sand. We will do the “Fearless Pass” and will fill our water containers later at Puros. Driving the Hoarisib river, elephant and other game will also be seen. We stop regularly for photographic opportunities at viewpoints. We camp in the Hoarisib dry river bed and traditional dinner is on the menu.

DAY 5 – Wildcamp 3 – Epupa Lodge (121 Km)

07:00 Breakfast. Tonight, we sleep at the Epupa lodge where we have the privilege of hot showers and flushing toilets. The Hoarusib river trail is our route to Opuwo. On arrival we can stock up with water and refuel at Opuwo.

DAY 6 – Epupa Lodge – Hippo Pools Camp (146 Km)

Today we can sleep in and breakfast is served at 08:00. Our drive today is much shorter and we will camp at the beautiful Hippo Pools. The name says it all… we will see hippos.

DAY 7 – Hippo Pools Camp – Epupa Falls Camp (146 Km)

Breakfast at 7:00 and we leave early for Epupa falls camp. On our way we stop at the Ondurusu falls and Dorsland Trekker memorial. The route takes us all along the Kunene river which is the border between Namibia and Angola. We stop at a river picnic spot for lunch and arrive early afternoon at Epupa falls camp. The rest of the afternoon is sight seeing and visiting the falls. Water and fuel tanks can be filled here. Dinner is served

DAY 8 – Epupa Falls Camp – Van Zyl’s Pass (155 Km)

Breakfast at 07:00 and we leave early since todays route is long and difficult. We do the notorious Van Zyl’s Pass. A quick lunch will be served at the pass. Careful instructions are given and all vehicles will be guided through. Van Zyl’s pass is behind us and the experience of the route are discussed about around the fire.

DAY 9 – Van Zyl’s Pass – Camp Syncro (72 Km)

Breakfast at 08:00. Today’s drive we enter the Marienfluss, this piece of vast Africa is stunning and we stop offen to take photographs.Tonight we camp at Camp Syncro which is situated on the Kunene river.

DAY 10 – Camp Syncro – “Oranje Drom” (87 Km)

Quick breakfast at 07:00. Today’s route is short, but thick sand will slow us down. We will be wild camping this evening, but will be able to shower with hot water. Dinner is served.

DAY 11 – “Oranje Drom” – “Groen Drom” (109 Km)

07:00 Breakfast. We drive this beautiful route heading North to Hartmans Valley. Open Nama Savannah veld with beautiful mountains, this is the Hartmans Valley. We stop in this vast open space for lunch and enjoy the land of nothing but peace and quiet. We will pitch up camp at the “Groen drom”.

DAY 12 – “Groen Drom” – Wild Camp 4 (203 Km)

07:00 Breakfast. The route today heads South and we drive through Orupembe and we will stop for lunch. We will drive in the Khumib dry riverbed where we have a good chance to see Desert Lions, Elephant and Giraffe. At Puros, fuel can be obtained and water tanks can be filled. Our wildcamp is just outside Puros.

DAY 13 – Wild Camp 4 – Sesfontein (172 Km)

07:00 Breakfast. The Hoarusib riverbed is part of our route today. Thick sand and dust is an obstacle to overcome. Keep your cameras readysince Elephant, Lion and general game are part of this beautiful route. We will drive through the famous Puros Canyon. Just a sheer pleasure to see. We do have hot showers for the evening.

DAY 14 – Sesfontein – Kamanjab Lodge (226 Km)

07:00 Breakfast. Difficult drive today with lots of corrugation, we cross the Haunib dry river and get to see the Khowarib Schlucht, wich means Gorge. We stop for lunch under a big Camel-thorn tree. Elephants, Giraffe and Zebra are common sightings. Fuel and water can be obtained at Kamanjab.

DAY 15 – Kamanjab Lodge – Windhoek (447 Km)

07:00 Breakfast. Today is our last day. We head back to Windhoek and will stop for a last lunch. In Windhoek we greet each other and part as friends.

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