7 Day Kalahari Pans Tour

Stoftrappers specialize in 4×4 wild camping tours and are not nature guides. There are no facilities or water available on this tour.  This tour is family, 4×4 off-road caravan and trailer friendly.


We meet 15h00 at Sekoma fuel station where we fill up with fuel and water. Our first wild camp is on a pan in Sekoma.


We depart early morning for Heinies pan.

DAY 4 & 5 (192km) JACK’S PAN – KAA GATE

Long drive today all along the Mabuasehube Park. We drive sandy 2-spoor jeep tracks all along the cutline. There are always some interesting sightings of animals to be seen on the cutline.

DAY 6 (53km) KAA GATE – NAME

The jeep track we are travelling today is a typical reflection of the beautiful Kalahari. Be on the lookout for Honey Badgers and other animals.

DAY 7 (189km) NAME PAN – KANG

We drive through Hukuntsi and fill up with fuel and water. There is a nice shop available and we stop for ice cream. Our last evening together in Kang. Restaurant is available.

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